GIRLS’ GENERATION release short version MV to “BEEP BEEP”

And let’s all scream in?unison?how bad we want a full MV. I can only hope BEEP BEEP gets an international iTunes release because I’m in love with this track. From the bubbly Pop sound to the bright colors and concept, this is perfect for Spring. It was a pleasant surprise to see Sunny and Hyoyeon open up the track, especially Hyoyeon (My girl). SM are giving her more time to shine in front of the camera and I couldn’t be happier. The video almost has a 3D effect, with the members seemingly popping out of their crazy backgrounds. Now that I think of it, this whole release is like one big carnival. I wonder how it feels to be the top girl group in Asia? Another awesome job from SNSD!


(Source: universalmusicjapan)