Filipino-American student-film company Capture Movement Films releases new short Don’t Leave!

Capture Movement Films are continuously producing quality content, giving their fans extremely emotional and thought provoking films that leave a powerful impression. Don’t Leave is a story about two brothers, one with an extensive penny collection and the other who suffers from extreme depression. With a bond as strong as the one these two share, anything coming between them would be devastating.

Here’s the official video description from CMF

“Don’t Leave” is a story about two brothers. Jo, the one who collects pennies as a living, and Shun, the one who lives a depressing life, both face…well, you know, watch the video! lol. Their relationship together is so strong for each other, and no matter what happens, their relationship as brothers will never die.

I have my thoughts as to what I think the meaning behind the video is, but I’m curious to hear all of your opinions.

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