Jonathan Perez, Jomartin Yumul, Eric Diep

Filipino-American student-film company Capture Movement Films releases their newest romance short The Break-Up Kit!

Youtube has definitely become a platform for up and coming artists to showcase their talent, and Capture Movement Films (founded by Jomartin Yumul and later adding friends Jonathan Perez and Eric Diep) is definitely on its way to becoming a hit film company.

With excellent video quality, engaging stories, and a host of talented actors and actresses, CMF is bound for success! Do not brush these guys aside as their projects are gaining popularity at extreme speeds!

CMF’s newest short film, The Break-Up Kit, is a story about being stuck in the friend zone. That dark and scary place where one doesn’t want to ruin the friendship by crossing the line into relationship. Instead one friend must always be the pillar of support for the other, continually bringing the list of essential items that help mend a broken heart.

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