T-ARA’s subunit T-ARA N4 make an impressive (and funny) debut!

If there’s one thing to look forward to with T-ARA releases it’s their story versions! T-ARA subunit T-ARA N4 debut with Jeon Won Diary, with there being drastic differences between the Drama and Dance versions of the MV. The dance version is your standard Kpop video with flashy costumes and colors, but the drama version takes on a comedic angle set in the Korean countryside. Both are great and the song is actually really catchy. We can’t help but think it’s trying to ride the PSY wave though by releasing something?humorous?and random but at the same time fun to listen to. It would be awesome if T-ARA catapulted to the top like PSY did- it’d just mean more Kpop takeover! What do you think of T-ARA N4’s new track?

Dance Version:

Drama Version:




(Source: LOENENT)