Indonesian boy band “S4” release ‘She Is My Girl’. Two versions + Korean training

S4 won the Galaxy Superstar competition and are now being trained for 9 months under Rainbow Bridge, a Korean agency. She Is My Girl features HYUNA only in the audio, and S4 will continue working with 4Minute for their debut stage. For a new group they have some pretty major people backing them up, and If I’m not mistaken they’re the first group coming out of Indonesia to do something this big. The beat was produced by Kim Do Hoon so all things considered this is a full fledged Kpop release, minus the actual Korean language. S4 are different in new and exciting ways, and I’m so hyped to see their debut stage. She Is My Girl comes from S4’s 1st digital single album Sexy, Sweet, Smart & Sentimental.

English Version:

Indonesian Version:

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(Source: AsianDreamVOD & SuperstarS4Official)