Lee Hyori releases full MV to “Bad Girls”. If you don’t like this you’re a hater

I’m sorry but it had to be said. Anyone that dislikes this video is flat out hating. If you don’t like the song fine, but this MV is golden! The video shows Lee Hyori as a baby all the way up to present day and how she’s always been a trouble maker. Really she’s only getting revenge on those that messed with her so I wouldn’t call her a bad girl, rather an i’m-not-going-to-take-your-sh*z girl. It’s really the way the video was executed that’s so great though. They used a comic book/cartoon kind of concept to make everything pop. Think Tom & Jerry. You can expect all the funny explosions and over the top antics that you’d see in one of those cartoons.

And of course, Lee Hyori looks gorgeous. Can I just say I give her major props for going against the grain and rocking tan skin? Almost everyone in Korea, Asia in general, still puts white, bright skin on a pedestal, but tan and dark is beautiful too. Lee Hyori looks like a f*****g bombshell with that tan. Bad Girls gets a 10/10 for everything it has to offer. But let’s be real here, did we expect anything less?