MBLAQ reveal full MV to “Smoky Girl”

Where do I even begin? From the jump I was impressed at that prolonged intro. Smoky Girl is quiet for a good minute before the beat kicks in but it works really well, building up sensually to a satisfying drop. The music video features a black and white concept with splashes of color and it?s the perfect visual aid to the track. Just like the song, the visuals are subdued while possessing a slight flashiness. Kind of like a quiet confidence. I?m honestly impressed, which I?m kinda surprised to say because the song didn’t pack the punch I thought it would, at least not on the surface. I was expecting something loud and wild but this is the exact opposite, yet just as impactful. Damn, MBLAQ.

P.S. I could’ve sworn I heard Zion. T in this!

EDIT: Nevermind, just found out Zion. T, Primary AND Simon D had a hand in producing this track. No wonder it’s so good (and I hear his voice)!




(Source: jtunecamp)