G.O from Korean group MBLAQ releases his first solo track ‘Even In My Dreams’ featuring Mir!

This song is something I was not expecting from G.O (being part of MBLAQ known for their powerful pop/dance sound) but it has definitely worked in his favor. His soft yet strong voice really shows emotion as if he has felt a broken heart in the past, and the video shows a more masculine yet delicate side to him.

This heartfelt track focuses on a broken heart pondering on a love that could have happened, but in the end, becomes a vision in a dream. The lyrics along with the melody provide a strong message, and the video is cleverly edited to keep your attention affixed to the screen. It combines a series of photo stills of MBLAQ’s G.O, Mir and the actress, effectively showing a story develop from the flow of the images used. I’m starting to feel as if I can hear his heart singing out, and it’s really made me go to a point where tears flow because of how beautiful the song sounds and how it makes me reminisce.

What are you thinking of G.O’s solo start? Check the video out below.

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