BTS release 1st single ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’ & full MV to “No More Dream”

Who made this beat? Am I still in Korea? Big Hit Entertainment are doing all the rights things with this group.?I don?t? remember the last time we got a group where EVERY member was good at rapping. Did that even exist before BTS, and did anyone else notice how it?s become a standard to have at least 1 deep voiced rapper in male groups now? Lol.

The guys perform and fit into the whole urban, tough image well, I just hope they keep to this style. It’d be cool to see BTS release nothing but Hip Hop inspired tracks like No More Dream– imagine a boy group that stays away from anything remotely close to aegyo and just releases hard sh*z like this! Pretty unlikely seeing as Korea is ruled by aegyo, but it would be interesting!


(Source: ibighit)