Girl’s Day stand strong in new single “Female President”

Wow, the power behind this track! Even if you don?t read the English translation you still get a sense that Female President is about female empowerment! It?s great to see a girl group stand up for womanhood in such a strong, passionate, in your face way. Of course, I can?t talk about this release without bringing up the “revealing” outfits. I personally think they tie into their mission statement. They’re showing their independence through song and body, and I?m not gonna lie, it’s hot.

But I see no difference between this and what male idols do. Bi Rain?s been known to be completely topless, rocking low rider jeans while swaying and thrusting his hips on stage and in MVs. For a man that?s as risqu? as it gets without becoming rated R. The amount of skin revealed in Female President really isn?t that much. I mean honestly. You barely get a glimpse.

In short I think people should take this release for what it is: A strong, energizing track about women taking charge in a male dominated world. I?m not saying the sexy outfits AREN?T for sexual appeal, of course they are, but so are topless guys doing sexy body rolls. It?s not fair to pick on only one gender of idol group when it comes to sexual exploitation. If we?re going to do it at all, let?s be fair. Rock on, Girl’s Day!


(Source: girlsday5)