Shanghai’s Acid Pony Club give us another live set. It goes!!

One of the sexiest groups I know from Shanghai- don’t sleep on Big Red! So much mood and depth in this new set from Acid Pony Club. Walk through your town in the dead of night while listening to this and watch as a new you emerges. When I get back to Shanghai I’m definitely catching these guys live!

Acid Pony CLub Presents Huashan Unit – Live PA @ Udance Radio

Live set recorded in “the Egg” studio of Udance radio (

A bunch of guitar Pedals, a Kaoss Pad, some Mengqi Music synths, a microKorg XL, Ableton Live, the cheapest Mixer, the whole Monotron Collection and a lot of rage, just because nothing is forever, maaaaaaan

Listen to the full set here :…

Video Filmed and Edited by Tina Sprinkles – Redscale Studio

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