Tommy C drops “Heart of a Lion”, renewing the fighting spirit

Heart of a Lion sends a message to stand strong and keep fighting through any storm. Within the video footage of tragedies are shown, not to bring up painful memories but to remind all those watching that even through such events we still have the strength to rebuild. This doesn’t just go for sufferers in the locations shown- anyone going through a traumatic situation anywhere in the world can use this song as something to help recharge and renew hope. Use Tommy C’s Heart of a Lion as a pillar of strength.

HEART OF A LION by Tommy C. Produced by Adam Ivy. This song is part of my FREE CMIXTAPE. Download here: or I wrote this song as a tribute to victims of terror, disasters, and other obstacles in life. There is courage and strength in all of us if you dig deep enough to find it. Instead of giving up, keep fighting and battle through it.

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(Source: Tommy C)