Emcee Lil Crazed releases the music video to First Aid from his Chapter 3: Liberation mixtape

As both a fan of Lil Crazed and Tommy C, you can imagine how excited I was to see First Aid finally released. It was a track that had been hyped up for a while, so I’m sure I’m not the only fan exhaling a long sigh of relief after holding heavy anticipation in for a few weeks.

First Aid combines Lil Crazed’s punchlines with Tommy C’s heart-wrenching vocals to create a song about encouraging a girl to break away from an abusive relationship. Lil Crazed and Tommy C want to help her through the hard time, but first she must relinquish herself from the pain.

I’m always looking forward to more music from these guys, and it’s awesome to see them collaborating. Look out for Lil Crazed’s newest mixtape, Chapter 3: Liberation, on September 11th.

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