Brown Eyed Girls release MV to comeback track “Kill Bill”

Let me start off by saying I don’t really like the song, but was this comeback REALLY even about that? So much was put into their concept that I’m sure most people like this more for the theme anyway. Or maybe it’s just me.

Brown Eyed Girls did a great job with their tribute to Kill Bill. There are a lot of solid similarities within the costumes, scenes & sets and even the background music. I’m glad Nega Network knew that when taking on such a huge concept, one that has as large of a fanbase as Kill Bill, they had to go all out. Keeping to BEG trend, the choreography/styling was super sexy. BEG type sexy, which we all know is rare in Kpop- Gain even had on some dominatrix type harness. Kill Bill is one of the best comebacks to come out this year, and it’s no surprise that it’s from Brown Eyed Girls. Lately they’ve had hit after hit, including their solos. Check out their comeback below!


(Source: officialBEG)