Their full MV to “Growl”. As long as they got their choreo they don’t need nuthin else

The audio is eh and the MV set is boring, but damn do EXO got some boss choreography! But to be fair I guess for a follow up single the song’s not that bad. I swear EXO are SM’s #1 dance team, because all of their 100 members got moves- mini Taemins and sh*z. Their numbers alone allow them to do so much more than what other groups can do, and without the need of background dancers. I’m still kinda in shock that this is only EXO’s second comeback yet they’re so popular. A lot of people have their own opinions about SM but one thing is undeniable: they know how to manage their artists! Check out the Korean and Chinese versions of Growl below.

Korean Version

Chinese Version


(Source: SMTOWN)