Plastic Tree release full MV to new single “?? (Pupil)”

I can’t… I almost lost my breath when I saw this uploaded. Easily within my top 3 favorite Japanese bands, Plastic Tree have released the full MV to their 1st single after their album Ink. They continue to experiment with different sounds, this time taking on a more raw and gritty kind, especially heard in Ryutaro’s voice. We all know how crackled and hurt it can be, but in this track it’s so much so that I just want to hold him and tell him it’ll be okay. That voice- don’t cry Ryutaro~

Pupil makes me think of desolate Japanese streets. It’s about 1 AM and the only light is that from the moon and a few, lightly sprinkled street lamps. You’re walking down the road with no one in sight, except for that faint shadow of a person coming towards you in the distance. Something commands your feet to quicken their pace and for some reason your heart beats faster. Not from fear or anxiety, but from anticipation. No matter how many steps you take the distance between you two doesn’t seem to close yet you can still feel their warmth, like they’re right there next to you. On you. Within you. Confusion and excitement, calm and gentleness. That’s what ?? possesses. We feel you, Pura!

?? will be released September 4th.


(Source: VictorMusicChannel)