B.A.P reveal MV teaser to “BADMAN”. Yes, they’re back ALREADY!

Guys guys, it’s okay to take a break. Not because you WANT to but just to recharge you know? Still, I’m uber impressed at your drive to constantly create and release new music, keeping a very strong presence in all of our hearts (and ears) and boosting your popularity while at it. Seriously I commend these guys. They are ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS releasing new music. It’s been back to back- I know no other idol groups that have promoted as frequently as B.A.P. BADMAN has a very intense concept with the boys wearing battle-ready face paint and throwing Molotov cocktails at their enemies. I love the multicultural cast too- thankfully it seems like that’s becoming more prevalent in Kpop. Check out the teaser to B.A.P’s newest track scheduled for release August 6th. It’s gonna be a riot!




(Source: TSENT2008)