The ‘twerking girl group’ is set to debut August 8th!

If youve been reading Korean music news portals youve heard of the girl group that will be taking on a twerking concept. Well, it seems like the girls are ready to spice Kpop up a bit with their debut single Wassup! In the video you dont really see too much twerking, perhaps to keep things light until the full release drops, but the girls definitely are sporting a different image. Funky clothing, tanned skin and an urban MV set. I’m a bit confused about what their goal is… Im not sure if WASSUP is an idol group or not. I know theyre probably debuting as such but how will Korea react to a twerking girl group, and seeing as their supposed to be role models I don’t know how something so overtly sexual will fly in a very reserved culture. International fans are already against it (I mean look at the likes/dislikes on the video). If this does backfire I feel really bad for the girls because its not like theyre the ones to pick the concept, yet theyll be the ones to receive the hate. Lets just hope everything works out- who knows, maybe the backlash will have the girls change their image? Ill end by saying that I am looking forward to their Dancehall inspired music. That should be a fresh change to the scene, and their debut song sounds really exciting!


(Source: AsianDreamVOD)