B.A.P release MV to comeback track “BADMAN”

Where to even begin?! It’s getting harder and harder to write about B.A.P simply because you’ll see the same adjectives over and over again: Boss, Epic, Awesome, Amazing, Powerful, Intense- the list goes on. As always the members’ parts are equally distributed, showcasing all of their individual colors. Daehyun’s high notes will continue to send shivers up your spine and the choreography is, you guessed it, awesome. There’s a couple of breakdowns in the track that are DOPE, like the one around Zelo’s rapping part towards the beginning and that f*****g amazing one at 2:58. Let’s point out how TS Entertainment invested mad money into this comeback, providing not only major scale MV sets but a whole slew of cast members (of multiple ethnicities, yay!) too. B.A.P be rakin’ in the dough for TS! At this pace I wouldn’t be surprised if B.A.P do another world tour sometime in the near future. They’re constantly releasing new music and EVERY ONE of their comebacks is well received. Like extremely well received. That’s what happens when you release quality material! Anyone, I mean anyone, that says B.A.P isn’t talented is a a huge hater. Check out BADMAN below, it’s their tough and rough image to the MAX!




(Source: TSENT2008)