Cause she kills this solo!

Nada is the sh*zzzz, and for a ROOKIE artist she totally nails it! Based on WA$$UP‘s MV I thought the urban thing was just a concept, especially since there wasn’t much twerking, but Nada seems to embrace it much more seriously than the rest (although I f**ks with the others too, Nari wassup??). Look at her rocking the skin tight freakum dress and those Jordans, and instead of THEM wearing HER (like Hip Hop concepts do with so many other girls) SHE’S wearing THEM! And the beat is hot too! There are some moments where her vocals flow a bit awkwardly over the instrumental, but the majority of the track is sick! I really wanna see these girls blow up just to shut the haters down. WA$$UP is dope and not nearly as bad as they were made out to be pre-debut. Nada: Rapper, singer, and my new bias!


(Source: mafiawassup)