Lolll the two little girls in the beginning remind me of The Shining

Seven Wonders is what you’ll experience below, and what an experience it is! Joey Yung takes on the role of a ghost who’s playing tricks on the residents of a home, all while she sings a slightly haunting, very melodic tune. Seven Wonders reminds me of traveling circuses, which might have been the inspiration behind it. You know how those circuses have a variety of unique characters and always have this mystique surrounding them? The same things are in Joey Yung’s new song. The art direction is fabulous and the MV sets look like they took a lot of time to prepare because they’re full of detail (like that huge dining scene). Everything’s kinda like a child’s fantasy storybook gone slightly weird, lol. Joey Yung has a solid team behind her and I love how she always lets loose and does things that are unconventional. I don’t have many favorite Cantonese singers, but she’s definitely one of them.


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