2NE1 release Episode 1 part 1, 2 +3 of their Park Bom & Dara special, Double Park TV!

I can’t wait for the subs! As part of their Do You Love Me promotions 2NE1‘s comedy team Park Bom and Dara have released Double Park TV Part 1! Watch them promote their new single face to face with fans, even bringing some along on a car ride to chill and play them their new track (and it was before it was released too)! Oh, and about those subs, they’re coming tomorrow in MULTIPLE languages so worldwide Blackjacks can get in on the action, Dara tweeted so herself! Check back to FEV for those! Can’t get over how cute these girls are!!~

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3




(Source: 2NE1)