Maybe that’s why their new single is called “SCREAM”…

You got some heel wearing, axe wielding crazy chick chasing a man while TVXQ sleep in between spiked walls and buildings fall to pieces around them. Yeah, I think Yunho and Changmin need to get the hell outta there. If the description wasn’t enough of a hint,SCREAM takes on a very dark concept with creepy electronic sounds and heart thumping bass. The guys look as tough and manly as ever, leading the pack of background dancers behind them. Interspersed between the choreo clips are shots of the axe murderer continuing to chase her victim. The reason behind the spooky concept isn’t just for cool points though, as SCREAM is the theme song to the new Sadako 3D 2 movie coming out August 30th in Japan. The single officially drops September 4th. TVXQ are giving us Halloween a bit early it seems, and I can’t help but wonder: Where did Summer go?!


(Source: avexnetwork)