From her album ‘Detox’ now online!

MARIA holds nothing back in her latest single Helpless Hoe, spitting some powerful raps and showing off her queen status by surrounding herself with beautiful women. This is “I run sh*z” music, the kind of track that’s supposed to get you and your girls hyped up and ready for some action! I dig MARIA for her raw and uncut energy- I haven’t come across a Japanese female emcee like this before. Info’s below and make sure to download her album Detox on Amazon and iTunes!

“Helpless Hoe” taken from Album 「Detox」
Directed by Eillyhustlehard
Produced by C.O.S.A.
Thanks to EMI, Queen, Mee, NON, MA1LL, KPTM, MIDO, Tomo

Price:¥2,600(tax in)
Format : CD
Release Date:2013.7.12

※ 収録曲により常識では考えられないようなノイズが入っている曲がありますが、

1. HipHop’s ma… Produced by OMSB & WAH NAH MICHEAL
2. Empyre feat. DJ ZAI Produced by MUJO情
3. Casca Produced by OMSB
4. Helpless Hoe Produced by C.O.S.A.
5. Movement feat. USOWA, OMSB, DIRTY-D Produced by GIVVN
6. God Is Off On Sunday Produced by OMSB
7. Roller Coaster feat. JUMA, OMSB Produced by WAH NAH MICHEAL
8. Make It Happen Wit My Ass Produced by WAH NAH MICHEAL
9. Hang Over Left Over Produced by Earth No Mad
10. White Sugar Produced by Earth No Mad
11. Tear Me Down feat. Cherry Brown, TAKUMA THE GREAT Produced by Lil’ 諭吉
12. Depress feat. ISSUE Produced by ISSUE
13. Never Too Late Produced by WAH NAH MICHEAL
14. Sand Castle Produced by JUGG
15. Your Place Produced by Earth No Mad
16. Bon Voyage Produced by One Man Slang Band


(Source: SUMMITube)