It almost seems wrong to call him maknae now…

Seungri has taken on a suave and sophisticated concept for his latest single and 2nd mini album, the perfect choice to show that he’s matured and has entered a more evolved stage in his life. Our silly BIGBANG maknae is maknae no more, guys. The “hustlin’, hustlin'” chorus was super sexy and the dip-choreography (that’s what I call it at least) is THE perfect match. That surprise ending doe!?!?!  That sh*z blindsided me so much- I was dancing in a HEARTBEAT!! In the description it states that Seungri wrote, composed and produced this album which I wasn’t expecting (I wonder if he really did?). Seungri’s not the strongest singer, so props to whoever it was that created this track for making it something that really fits his singing style. I’m hoping LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE is as good as GOTTA TALK TO U, cause I’m more than ready to throw some money in Seungri’s face right now (of to iTunes I go~). What do you guys think of his comeback?

P.S. Doesn’t it seem kinda… I don’t know, bad timing that GD’s solo is coming out soon? Can’t help but think that the leader of BIGBANG’s new solo album is going to overshadow the youngest members’, especially with his popularity being so much more and stuff. It all depends when exactly GD’s album comes out. It’ll work out- YG know what he doin’!


(Source: BIGBANG)