3 Peas In A Pod

It’s called “3 Peas In A Pod” and it looks so cute!! 

3 Peas In A Pod looks sooo cute, I can’t wait for it to come out! It stars former U-KISS member Alexander as the main love interest, Fahrenheit’s Calvin Chen as the underdog and Jae Liew as our female star! High schoolers, college kids and other young adults will love this movie, especially if they’re fans of the 5 star cast! Ahh, this trailer looks SO good and I literally covered my face at the kissing scene- ALEXANDER OMG!! 3 Peas In A Pod will be coming out November 14th! Let’s hope there’s some sort of international release/subtitles for us fans around the globe to enjoy. The trailer has subtitles so I can only hope the entire movie will!

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“3 Peas In A Pod tells the story of three university friends from Taiwan, Korea and Singapore who go on a road trip that changes their lives forever.”

And here’s the teaser that was released back in June! LOL the hot tub standoff between Alexander and Calvin was so funny!




(Source: HuatFilms)