One of my favorite Japanese releases of late. Partly cause of the dogs~ 

SISTER JET, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m digging your vibe a LOT, that fresh and raw feeling like when your nasal passages are all open and clear and yessssss! I feel invigorated, thank you! About 50% of FAKE L.A. is all about bulldogs and their irresistible cuteness, so you’ll love at least 50% of it. I refuse to accept any less than that (HOW CAN YOU RESIST THOSE FACES?!). But forreal this song is really great, really vibrant and fun and young and carefree and life is good! Deeeefinitely keeping SISTER JET on my radar from now on. FAKE L.A. comes from SISTER JET’s EP 3-1=2 / No Limit available on Amazon and iTunes!





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