King Swings Part 2

Well damn near everyone. Khiphop got BEEF- King Swings Part 2!

Lately Khiphop has been seeing it’s fair share of diss tracks with shots fired at a lot of notables in the scene. Sources are saying it started with Swings after being inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s diss on Big Sean’s track. Check out Unchartedsound and Allkpop (especially the comments) for more info on the beef that’s been going down among a lot of different emcees and crews!

Below is Swing’s most recent diss track, a follow up to his first entitled King Swings Part 2. Peep the beginning where he calls out EVERYONE like HipHopPlaya and Rhythmer! My mouth legit dropped like “GOT DAAAAAMN!!!!” Sh*z is cray, yall! “I’m cooking an Ugly Duck” daaaaamn…..

Can I get an English translation of what he said at the end please?! Can someone tell me if all of this is REAL though? Like I know E-Sens has legitimate issues with his former label and stuff and that Swings isn’t tight with some of the people he called out but what about all the other emcees and big names like HipHopPlaya etc.? Or is it just for more hype??


(Source: JustEnterprises)