Bebop and Humming Urban Stereo team up again for “MAEM MAEM”

Just fell head over heels for Bebop! Like face planted on the ground and tried my BEST to smoothly pick myself up (wipe your face, dude). Bebop sing in their adorable voices to a Humming Urban Stereo beat that’s to die for. Love the 80’s groove! I’ll paste LOEN’s description of MAEM MAEM below so you can get the full details. I’m seriously sprung, ya’ll.

The new idol girl band rookie Bebop and stylish electronic pop ‘Humming Urban Stereo’ got together to release the single ‘MAEM MAEM’.
They worked together already in the fourth album of ‘Humming Urban Stereo’ title song ‘LOVE JAM’, and this time they are with a fun song to let the hit go away.

The title song ‘MAEM MAEM’ is a girl going merry-go-round around a man that she doesn’t know what he is thinking. She is crying like a summer cicada cutely, wanting the man to look at her.


(Source: LOENENT)