From his new, two track single

Jay‘s new single contains the title track My Everything and b-side Come Back, the former being what you’ll hear below. The MV has us watching a young couple performing cute choreography while Jay’s relaxing song plays in the background. He collaborated with a lot of notable producers and other industry folk for this single album, some of which worked with artists like BoA, TVXQ and JYJ. Check out My Everything below!

Jay Hong’s upcoming single release is rescheduled to August 19th. The single will be containing two tracks, ‘My Everything’ and ‘Come Back’.

‘My Everything’ is kind of sweet mid-tempo R&B track, which is collaborated with American producer ‘Damon Sharpe’ who produced Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ and soundtracks for movie ‘Chicago’.

Another track ‘Come Back’ is unlike ‘My Everything’, more sorrowful so you can feel his appealing vocal. He collaborated with Korean-American producer ‘Young-hu Kim’ who produced several tracks for BoA and TVXQ.

For jacket images, Jun Shim who is in Dee Company (which is founded by Yoon Do-hyeon of YB) takes part in it. Jun Shim worked with JYJ and other Korean artists before this.




(Source: OfficialTMent)