From their upcoming album ‘LEVEL 3’. We’re close, guys! 

I’m so excited that I’m emotionless. Looking at my face right now you’d think I could care less but it’s just MY FEELS HAVE PARALYZED ME! Perfume‘s short version MV to 1mm has more of the futuristic, cutting edge concepts that they’ve made their own. Like a lot of people, one of the highlights of Perfume videos/performances for me is the choreography. I get so into their movements, particularly the patterns they make with their hands. It’s super android-esque but still elegant and delicate. Another highlight are the costumes, because who doesn’t love seeing what new dresses perfume will rock next? Moving on, I’m feeling the bang change to Kashiyuka’s hairstyle. It’s rare to see them deviate from their traditional cut and it looks really sexy on her (Nocchi you’re still my #1). Sometimes I wonder if the girls ever get tired of having the same hair after all these years, though.

Bottom line, I love how these girls have been marketed. I eat everything RIGHT up like a good Jpop consumer and I have no qualms about it! Hell, at least I know it! 1mm will be on Perfume’s new album LEVEL 3 releasing October 2nd.


(Source: Perfume)