The haps on Beijing’s current club scene

that’s Magazine Beijing did a write up on the sudden boom Beijing has been experiencing with Summer clubbing, and how the coming Fall season is looking even more promising. Some dope shows with great special guest DJs are coming up too, so make sure to read until the end for those!

For as long as it has existed, the Beijing club scene has been cyclical. Clubs come and go as districts rise and fall, but one thing is usually guaranteed: late summer is downtime and autumn is a return to form.

This year has been different, though – even in the depths of August, dancefloors have remained packed. So, with plenty of 
momentum and a new crop of fresh students to boot, we move into September.

Surging back into the scene after a summer vacation, upscale EDM nightspot Hazereopens this month (albeit in “test mode” ‘til October), and they’re celebrating by bringing over German house deity Michael Mayer on September 18. The club’s owner Max Bureau confirmed to That’s that Haze may soon broaden its music policy (which, up to now, has been strictly house and tech-house) for local crews bringing international acts. In the meantime, the Michael Mayer party is likely to be rammed with the Haze faithful – undoubtedly Beijing’s best-looking ravers.

Promoters Split Works pride themselves on transcending genre boundaries with the artists they bring to China, and their EDM nights never disappoint. They bring achingly cool DJs, chaps so underground that even the most moustachioed of hipsters haven’t heard of them. Their September 14 show features three British producers from London label Get Me! Records, two of them (Dam Mantle and Pale) playing live sets, the other (Lixo), DJing. And of course, a party this legit could only be dropping at Dada.

Lantern – the spiritual home of Beijing’s EDM scene – will turn four years old this September, sort of. It’s been four years since the opening of the original Lantern in the basement of Sanlitun’s 3.3 Mall, on the site of what is now the linguistically confusing “Coolth” KTV.

The current Lantern has been open for two years, though, and is still going strong – no small feat for an underground dance club in Gongti. They’re celebrating with an anniversary party on September 18, so go either before or after Michael Mayer’s set at Haze, and remember to buy Lantern boss DJ Weng Weng a drink – he usually looks like he could use one.


(Source: thatsmags)