Antidote and DADA Bar, two cool Electronic music movements coming out of Shanghai, China

As awesome as performers are, it’s important to recognize the contributions of the people behind the scenes. The event planners, promoters and managers that help boost artists’ careers. That’s where Antidote and DADA Bar come in, two organizations created by Michael Ohlsson that have been dedicated to China’s Electronic music scene since 2005.

Cr: Andrew Rochfort (Shanghai Midi Music Festival)

Cr: Andrew Rochfort (Shanghai Midi Music Festival)

Antidote is a collective of DJs, producers and other such industry heads based in Shanghai that organize parties throughout China. Although they pride themselves on finding and using local Chinese artists for their shows, Antidote also book outside musicians as well as use their own in house DJs. It’s basically a group of really cool people producing kickass events for those that love Electronic music.

Music: A mad eclectic variety of mostly electronic music, from minimal to
electro-punk to bhangra to drum and bass. But we don’t do
commercial-mainstream music. No lounge house generic hip hop, etc.

Mission: We mostly focus on local talents (China), and the rest of Asia.
But we often have international guests that fit our music style (the
dirtier the better), especially if they happen to be in the region already
(because we’re cheap).

Antidote event poster design by B6

Antidote poster design by Uncle_Red

DADA Bar is a lounge/club for the young and expat. They pride themselves on creating a chill atmosphere, allowing anyone interested to come in, enjoy some good ol’ House/Electro and have fun. It’s the perfect hangout spot.

DADA Bar movie night

It’s through the collective efforts of people like Michael Ohlsson and his team that music can continue to grow and develop. The talent’s out there, they just need a push. Antidote and DADA Bar are that push, giving up-and-coming artists the support they need to thrive.