Eastern Sidekick

It’s been a minute but we got new Eastern Sidekick to jam to! 

Doesn’t this song make you want to do some rebel sh*z lol? Teeth and Sweat (perfect name) is from Eastern Sidekick‘s new EP Hammer Lane out today! Sticking to their intense, Garage Rock sound Teeth and Sweat is a song that’ll leave you feeling rejuvenated after every listen, but that’s not too different from the rest of their stuff! You can download their new EP on iTunes Here!

p.s. Fight for Rainbow still does it for me. One of my favorite tracks from them.

Forget insipid K-Pop and feel their own strained sound with Eastern flavoured garage rock!
Eastern Sidekick’s new EP [Hammer Lane] is available from September 11!




(Source: fluxus)