Block B

A lot of celebration going on right about now! 

Fans across the globe have been counting down all day for this moment! Below you’ll find the MV to Block B‘s long overdue, official comeback track Very Good (Be a Light was the pre-release), and let me just say the boys return with a BANG! Block B knew they had to bring back their Hip Hop badassery with full force for this comeback and they did just that! I think it’s safe to say fans aren’t let down, either! These current gen boy groups better watch out, cause some heavy hitters are re-entering the scene and are more than ready to take back their throne! Without further ado, Very Good!

EDIT: P.O is giving me T.O.P vibes and this whole video/Zico‘s outfits are super GD-esque! Very Good’s MV has BIGBANG inspiration (whether it be intentional or unintentional) written all over it and I LOVE IT!!!!


(Source: seven seasons)