Beijing Punk 3

For a limited time only, so watch it while you can! 

Beijing Punk is a 2010 documentary created by Shaun Jefford on Beijing’s underground Rock scene. Nothing is held back, nothing is off limits and nothing is too taboo- what you’ll see in this documentary is the truth on everything that makes Beijing’s Punk scene what it is, and how those involved utilize everything they have to keep the scene alive for the sake of freedom. Being able to watch the entire documentary for free is a huge treat, so take this opportunity to learn about one of the coolest scenes I’ve come across in recent times. China has so much potential that’s just now starting to be recognized, so much vitality that’s finally beginning to be seen. You just gotta know where to look. This movement is incredibly inspirational for me and I’m happy the film can finally be shared on a largely public platform, if even for a little. Beijing Punk starts now.


(Source: Tamás Novák)