Seo In Young

My wife has released the full MV to “Love Me” feat Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko

I knew this song was going to be fire. I knew it from teaser 1 and I knew it even more with teaser 2. Seo In Young‘s long overdue comeback is filled with catwalk melodies and rhythm, lovely vocals and killer fashion. It’s the hottest, most spunkiest I’ve ever seen Seo In Young and it’s making it hard for me to sit still. I love this girl. Out of the recent comebacks that have come out from our top idols, Love Me is my most favorite. Could it be because I’m Seo In Young biased? Yeah that’s part of it, but it’s also because this is a slamming track. A steady Dance beat that’s filled with Seo In Young energy- no one else could do this song like she did. And I can’t get over how drop dead gorgeous she looks in these grunge/punk-esque outfits. I gotta stop now or I’ll just keep going on and on. Gosh I love her! Proud stan!

Seo In Young has released her new song called “Love Me”.

“Love Me” is a lovely dance music filled with grooves and rhythmical melodies.
Gaeko of Dynamic Duo has participated in this song to support Seo In Young; and he said he really liked the rhythm and sensation of the song. Seo In Young will be performing her new ‘Scarf Dance’ with her new song.