Jay Park

New track “TRILL” from Jay Park feat. Dok2 produced by LODEFBEATS. FREE DL!

The mixing/mastering sounds a bit off with the vocal levels, which shows me that he really did do this sh*z like an indie artist. I’m not even mad. Jay Park is a celebrity but goes back to hungry status with no problem. Like “Lemme hop in this studio and put out this track right quick. It don’t gotta be perfect f**k it.”. Maybe it’s just my hearing though lmao, but I swear it’s there. Oddly enough the vocals on Soundcloud sound a bit more balanced, so maybe the audio in the MV isn’t the official one. Luckily it’s the official version (or what I’m calling the official version) that’s available for free on AOMG‘s Soundcloud, so click Here to get it!