I’m ready to call this her best release yet. Anyone else agree?

Where to begin? The Red Shoes is beautiful, featuring an instrumental performed by extraordinary Japanese musicians and a concept that’s to die for. So much art and love and passion in this project- IU‘s music never disappoints. For those familiar with the age old Anderson tale The Red Shoes, IU’s new video takes its concept and breathes new life into it. I’m going to post a rundown of what I and some others believe the MV means below, so watch it first and then check back to see what we think!

Tying into the name of her new album Modern Times IU is from the past and is transported to the modern world through a pair of red shoes, summoned by her future lover. The two fall in love and start enjoying each other’s company, hanging out with friends, and opening up IU’s eyes to a brand new life. But because she’s from the past she has to eventually return, and IU’s boyfriend knows this so he returns the red shoes he had taken off her feet to her. IU doesn’t want to go back since she’s loving her new life, but the red shoes give chase and eventually catch her. For such a fun video the story kind of ends on a sad note, because IU is transported back to her time and she and her lover are separated. Speaking of sadness, if you read the lyrics she mentions how she actually isn’t sad because she was dancing, which is what the shoes made her do. I’m glad IU is okay, but I’m still pretty upset! Another thing to note is how previously her life was colorless, but it was only after coming into the new age and meeting her love that her life became filled with color. Of course, these are just our thoughts and the video is up to your own interpretation- I’d love to hear what you all think! But isn’t all of this fantastic?! Thank you to every commenter that brainstormed and helped bring all of these concepts to light! The Red Shoes is truly a special release!

I’m not one to listen to 1930’s swing music on the regular, but I’m downloading The Red Shoes and potentially the rest of Modern Times. I WILL be listening to this as I carry out my day, entering it’s world and completely immersing myself in it’s atmosphere. For IU to have gotten me interested in such an old style of music through her modernization really shows how great she and her team are. I mean look at the credits- she had an epic support system for this! I’m so happy IU found a niche in Kpop, one that she can truly call her own. The Red Shoes is magical!!!

After her 2nd regular album [Last Fantasy] and the mini album [Every end of the Day], IU is coming back after 1 year and 5months with the new theme of ‘Maturity through musical development’.

The title song is a new work done by Lee min-soo and Kim eana togtheter, and they got their inspiration from the Anderson fairy tale [ The Red Shoes], which is about a red shoe that if you wear it, you will dance no matter of your own will.

The song has 1930s big band swing mixed with classical and vintage parts in it. The session work is also done in a 1930s classical swing style. In order to do this, the master of drama/animation/musical music,Toyama Kazuhiko, and under his direction, the best big band of Japan worked together. It was done in a improvisation manner, and here Lee min-soo’s dramatic song line and the chorus worked well with to make a ‘big’ music.




(Source: LOENENT)