KAHI releases the full MV to “It’s ME” feat. Dumbfoundead

Yup, I was just as surprised to see Dumbfoundead name’s, but he’s there (and mostly raps in Korean too!). It’s ME is a song composed by Rottyful Sky, a Korean singer/songwriter that you might have heard has passed away a couple of days ago due to a brain tumor. KAHI let fans know through twitter that this song was Rottyful Sky’s first time composing, and that she’ll do her best when it comes to It’s ME promotions in honor of her. Rottyful Sky did a great job creating a catchy tune, one that really fits KAHI. Gotta say the more I see KAHI the more impressed I am with her performance. She’s still making music that competes with the rest while maintaining her mature air. KAHI’s 2nd mini album WHO ARE YOU? is out today, so go and get it!

R.I.P Rottyful Sky.




(Source: pledisartist)