Plus a sexed up Taemin

Everybody has me jittery as f**k. This song makes a huge impact, and it’s so different and fresh I just looooove it, but got damn was it all over the place! It’s kind of hard to get into the melody because it’s constantly changing. Like I found it hard to settle into and enjoy the song- the moment you get a few moments of a certain melody and feel comfortable with it enough to start dancing or something it switches up on you and slaps you in the face. But even with all it’s craziness it’s a bomb ass track. I actually think it’s the craziness that MAKES Everybody so good. The choreography is a great match, but as always probably leaves SHINee gasping for air at the end of it all lol. I don’t really understand why SHINee went with a military concept (maybe because the song’s so strong?), but it’s working regardless. Key is rocking that mullet, and the one look where he has the headband on and thick eyeliner is giving me everything. Also Taemin, our resident maknae that is known for being pretty and adorable (whether he likes the image or not), is dancing shirtless. I guess SM are realizing that the boys are now men and even lil ol Taemin can be sexy too. It’s been interesting to watch how much his popularity has been increasing based on how much screen time he gets in videos. I really like this comeback because it’s such an unexpected sound from SHINee! Waiting for iTunes!


(Source: SMTOWN)