SHINee… I’m in complete awe

After finally getting the opportunity to see the choreo in full and straight on I’ve come to the conclusion that for every 1 Korean idol, it would take about 10 Western celebrities to match up to their skill, based on my super precise calculations (opinions). I wanna see the best Western (really American, cause those are the only other performers I can confidently speak of) artists do half of the stunts, yes STUNTS, that SHINee pulled off in this choreo. And I wanna see it with JUST as much energy and charisma, too. The artistry in this dance routine is f*****g amazing. Do you see the different stories in there? The defibrillator?! The got damn wind up toy?! The throwing of Taemin in the air and perfect landing in the beginning, and his inhuman vibrations?! Key was giving his all and it SHOWED! Those movements were SHARP, boy! I’m too impressed to fully articulate how excited I am after watching this. No matter how you may feel about the rigorous training idols go through we can all agree that it truly does pay off. Wow!

P.S. Look at all the structure! All the shapes! The formations! The symmetry! How EVERY dance step matches up with the members’ vocal parts AND the music! Oh my GOOOOSH!!!! You know how they all fall to the ground at the end with limp body parts just flailing around? That’s EXACTLY how I feel!


(Source: SMTOWN)