The first single from SHINee’s second chapter, “The Misconceptions of Me”

SHINee‘s newest album is split into two parts, with Chapter 1 Dream Girl:The Misconceptions of You coming out back in February. The first single off of Chapter 2, Why So Serious?, features Rock samples and sounds exciting, but everyone’s focused on the absence of Jonghyun due to his recent injury. We gotta say, it is odd to have a SHINee comeback without Jonghyun. It’s rare that such a key member in an idol group is missing in the music video, a key component in promotion. But still, Jonghyun does need time to heal and schedules have to be kept- SM Entertainment is a business after all. Check out SHINee’s teaser to Why So Serious?: The Misconceptions of Me coming out April 26th!


(Source: SMTOWN)