Win Who Is Next

It’s bitter sweet

I was a Team B fan, so i’m feeling more of the bitter side than sweet, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy for A. Both groups deserved to win, that goes without saying. Both groups deserve to debut and neither should have to wait any longer to make their official mark on the world, but alas those are not the rules of the game so we need to patiently wait for Team B’s time to shine and congratulate the boys of Team A, now known as WINNER! Although B was my favorite I did have my A bias, that being Minho. It was touching to see all of the guys shed tears of joy, but Minho got most of my attention. I just really connect with him the most out of the other members on the team.

I’m also happy to hear YG say that the losing team won’t disband and leave the company (I had a feeling this was going to be the case anyway). Instead he’s saying that they’d go through more training and maybe some member changes. Although I’m disliking the second part and hoping it doesn’t happen (we’ve all grown pretty attached to the current line up of members), it’s better than the whole group disbanding. I need B.I.  to stay though, and Bobby too (as if they’re gonna leave!). I need to see these two on stage and in the same group. B.I. is my WIN bias overall, with Bobby close behind. They’ve been the foundation for their team and you could feel their determination and passion through your screen. They worked so hard and they’re really admirable, and at such a young age too.

Below you’ll find the finale stages of Team A and B performing Just Another Boy– both groups killed it! Looking forward to seeing ALL of you boys in the near future. Congrats on all of your successes!!

Team B 

Team A 


(Source: YGLcrazyxcami)