Dewen and 拖鞋 drop MV to “Goddess Doesn’t Speak”

Song is dope but can we talk about Dewen and 拖鞋’s style?! Digging the shaved sides and teased ponytail Dewen, and 拖鞋’s dreads are boss- he keepin them neat too! Outfits are super trendy with a few pieces I wish I had in my closet!

Goddess Doesn’t Speak is catchy with a decent flow from Dewen, but 拖鞋’s vocals are what really got my attention- was not expecting a voice like that! He sounds better than some of the idols, but really that’s not too surprising lol (no Taiwanese artist can really SING, you know?). I really dig 拖鞋 haha, he got some flavor. Check 女神不说话 below!


(Source: ZHONG.TV)