Shanghai duo Pairs experiment with new sounds in latest album ‘Your Feet Touch the Ground, a Carousel’

The group are strong advocates for exploration and change so they’re not too concerned about the album’s response, more so that people accept their creative expression (or don’t, actually! Hell, they’re just happy to be creating). I dig that- continue doing you, guys! Anyone who complains about a musician, or any artist for that matter, taking on a different approach and wanting them to stick with the old isn’t a fan of the art. Creativity is constant evolution, experimentation! Personally, I’m liking their new sounds. It’s like a stark contrast from some of their old stuff. Very ambient, spacey and psychedelic from a group you might have thought could only do blaring Punk tracks. Pairs are definitely showing their versatility with this new record! Check out their 1st single from the album entitled Vatican Colors below! Oh, and Your Feet Touch the Ground, a Carousel is a FREE download (check below for that, too)!

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Pairs are nervously excited to announce a new and very different record, ‘Your Feet Touch Ground, A Carousel’.
The record is an electronic record, all programmed drums and recorded using a dictaphone, a microphone that was given as a wedding gift, a beat up acoustic guitar, a Samsung laptop, a smashed up iTouch and a practice space amp.
The entire album was written, recorded and mixed by the band in a living room and is now available for free download at

At this stage, no physical copy of the release is available, but loose talks of a limited edition cassette coming out, so that could be kind of cool if it all comes through.

Why did we do an electronic album?
Why not!? We like taking risks, trying new things. Can’t keep sucking the same old dick time and time again. Doing something creative will always trump doing sweet fuck all. Plus, it keeps us off the streets and keeps us interested.
We’re going to die someday. Not just as a band, but as people, so may as well do as much as we can before we get thrown in the ground.
Some people are going to absolute hate it, some people are going to like it, some people will appreciate the idea but hate the execution,  some people are going to drunkenly approach us and ‘tell it like it is’, vast majority will not care at all. Doesn’t really matter. We dug making it and are happy with it. What you do with it now is totes up to you.