Myu Myu

And Friday just started!

If Myu Myu isn’t the most adorable singer EVAAAAR!!! Her 2nd single Welcome To This Wonderful Mart has the most sunshine-y melody in the world- it will instantly put a smile on your face! The meaning behind the song is just as cute (I’ll include it below) and the video is just- AHHH~~~! You know that feeling you get when you see a cute puppy or baby and you just want to pinch it’s cheeks because it’s so cute?! Myu Myu’s new song is exactly that feeling in song form! So cute!!~ Don’t forget to support by purchasing the single from any of the links below (just .99 cents on U.S. iTunes)!!

P.S. Guys, I don’t think you understand how much I love this song. It makes me feel so good! So much positive energy!! ^^

Singer-songwriter, Myu Myu released the second single [Welcome To This Wonderful Mart] which is about her favorite webtoon “Cheonrima Mart”. The song depicts love and trust between people shown in the webtoon through bright and cheerful melody.

Artist: Myu Myu (뮤뮤)
Album Title: Welcome To This Wonderful Mart (천리마마트에 오세요)
Release Date: 2013.11.01
Genre: Pop

[Listen here]
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