Watch Thai band Barbies’ MV to new track “พล่าน (PLARN)”

Traditionally when you hear the word Barbie you think of a pretty princess that’s always fashionable, bright colored and smiling. Barbies, the band, are trying to change that image with their blaring new song, and all is great until you get to the Rap part. PLARN goes from giving me fury-filled intensity to suddenly dropping everything for a weak Rap breakdown. It was unnecessary, but luckily it didn’t completely kill the song for me. The video though… I’m confused. It’s literally all over the place with SO much going on, and the visuals can sometimes be in stark contrast to the song. The audio sounds angry and you start to get into the mood (especially with dude screaming and all), but then you see cheerleaders having the time of their lives and a Rap crew cracking up and falling all over each other. I’m lost, and I’m gonna assume it’s because of the language barrier. Just to throw it out there, I like the tone and pitch of the lead singer’s voice and his haircut is really cool too! Lol, those were the two thoughts floating around in my head throughout the whole video!

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(Source: SmallroomOfficial)