There’s SO much to talk about!

Perfume have outdid themselves with their new stage outfits, adding a nice twist to their regular wardrobe! They each look flawless but my girl Nocchi is rocking the hell out of those slit pants. I love her forever- I love them all so much! If you’re a Perfume fan or into Japanese Electropop you’ve most likely already heard Sweet Refrain and all it’s lovely goodness, so I’ll skip on the details. If you’re new to Perfume expect a good eargasm, that‘s all I‘m gonna say~

I know I’m not the only one that gets a rush of excitement when a new Perfume MV comes out. It’s because we know what we’re going to get: something highly creative and innovative. Something that a generic Pop outfit couldn’t produce- only a team with a unique vision and immense talent can release Perfume material. All the movements and structure- everything fits perfectly together like a puzzle. Perfume are in their own robotic world where things click, snap and lock into place and I’m so happy to be a fan of theirs. What they do truly is genius! I mean these girls have literally NO competition! That’s saying something!

Oh, and can we mention how Perfume JUST dropped their LEVEL 3 album and are already out with a new single? I love their drive! And I’ll gladly keep giving them my money as long as they remain quality, which I don’t see stopping anytime soon! Sweet Refrain will be released November 27th!

P.S. Perfume have a LOT of things going on in their videos that may take a couple of replays to catch. When you notice them it’s sooooooo cool. Try to catch em!


(Source: Perfume)