Seriously I want #1’s on music programs and top chart rankings

missA, I love you 10 times more for this gorgeous, heartfelt comeback. Your sexiness is jaw dropping, and you’ve grown into a group full of refined, confident women. Much like its name Hush keeps very quiet with it’s kick coming in a good couple of minutes into the song, but just because there’s no kick for a bit doesn’t mean the song’s boring. Not by any means. I’m happy JYP provided English subs because without them I wouldn’t have felt this song as much as I did. It’s about a deep running love that makes you melt down into a form that’s easily seized by the claws of your lover. A prisoner of love in the most beautiful sense. I love how empathetic I became while listening to Hush, and it just reconfirms the Kpop charm: fans resonate with the lyrics in Korean music because they’re often times real, uplifting and relatable. Without a doubt I will be supporting this comeback with good ol’ coin, because missA deserve it!

P.S. Respect to JYP for giving each member equal (for the most part) screen time. A lot of people were worried Suzy would drown everyone out but each member was able to shine. And they all look stunning! Also, doesn’t the still picture that shows before you click play remind you of Bad Girl Good Girl’s MV set??

P.P.S Jia is the type of girl you proudly take home to mama because she’s the bestest. Girl has SPIRIT!




(Source: missA)